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Add a Unique Touch to Your Bathroom With Marble Tile

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Timeless and classic, marble tile is a fine choice for the floors in your home and also for bathrooms on the walls, shower, and tub surround areas. We’re experts in tile installation for Charlotte, NC area homes. We’ll help you select the right tile for your budget and aesthetic vision. We can also install marble on your bathroom floors.

Our workmanship and professionalism are unmatched among tile installers in the area. Reach out to R&K Tile today for marble tile you can enjoy for years to come.

Marble Tile Installation

Marble Tile Installation

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Marble is a great choice for creating a refined look in your bathroom. Take a look at some of its advantages:

  • It adds a natural, elegant look
  • It exhibits different patterns and shades that make every surface unique
  • Timeless beauty that never goes out of style

If you’re ready to install marble tiles on your walls and floor, contact us today at (954) 997-1368.