Want Low-Maintenance Floors?

We offer porcelain tile installation in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas!

If you’re looking for a clean, luxurious look for your bathroom, porcelain tile might be for you. Turn to R & K Tile LLC for expert porcelain tile installation in your Charlotte, NC bathroom. We bring 20 years of experience to every job. Our owner will provide you with a personal, professional installation that you’ll simply love.

We only use the best materials for your tile installation. You can trust us to install your porcelain tile correctly so it will last for decades with only minimal care. Dial (954) 997-1368 today to discuss your tile installation needs.

Porcelain Floor Installation

Porcelain Floor Installation

Why choose porcelain?

The choice of porcelain for the floors and walls of your bathrooms comes with a number of advantages. Porcelain is:

  • More durable than marble
  • Low maintenance
  • Stain- and liquid-resistant
  • Fireproof
Choose R & K Tile in Charlotte, NC to install your porcelain walls and flooring for unbelievable results. Schedule a free consultation today.